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A deep and continuing study of the Scriptures will reveal to the discerning student that ELOHIM is "A god or the God" of anyone who worships a god, or the true God of the Scriptures. The word is NOT the name of a god but is descriptive of the god one worships. When Ruth clung to Naomi who was returning to Bethlehem, she told Naomi..."Thy people shall be my people and THY God MY God". (Ruth 1:16)...... meaning that she would accept whichever "god" Naomi worshipped as the one she would worship. Naomi worshipped the LORD (Jehovah), (the) ELOHIM of Israel.

STRONG'S CONCORDANCE describes ELOHIM as follows..."....plural of 433 (Eloah); gods in the ordinary sense; but specially used (in the plural, especially with the article..("the") of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative; angels...exceeding God (gods), goddess, godly, (very) great, judges, mighty."


Whilst it is used many times in the PLURAL, ELOHIM is also used in the singular, and we list some instances of both usages.....

Exodus 22:20.........."He that sacrificeth unto ANY god (Elohim), save unto THE LORD (Jehovah) ONLY, shall be utterly destroyed.".... PLURAL.

Judges 6:31.............."If he be a god (Elohim) let HIM plead for himself"............. SINGULAR.

1 Kings 12:28..... "Behold thy gods..(Elohim), O Israel"...2 calves......... .. PLURAL.

Judges16:23........ "Dagon, THEIR god"...(Elohim)...an idol... SINGULAR.

1 Kings 18:21,24... "If Jehovah be God,(Elohim) follow HIM, but if

Baal, follow him"................... SINGULAR


Many writers espousing the dogma of the Trinity, claim that the very frequent use of the plural word ELOHIM is strong proof of their claim. However....IF SUCH AN UNSUSTAINABLE CLAIM IS TRUE, THEN OBVIOUSLY THE SINGULAR USE OF THE WORD SHOULD NEVER OCCUR........."IF" GOD..ELOHIM...IS A "PLURALITY" OF 3 PERSONS IN NUMBER, THEN ELOHIM CAN NEVER BE ANY OTHER THAN THAT.


We learn from Exodus 3:14, that the name of the almighty .."I WILL BE WHOM I WILL BE"....declares the purpose of a multitude, (see Rev 7:9..."a multitude no man could number")..AND CERTAINLY.NOT A TRINITY. (NOTE: Ex 3:14 contains the incorrect translation, I AM THAT I AM). In fact, where ELOHIM refers to JEHOVAH, IT IS ALMOST ALWAYS IN THE SINGULAR SENSE and thus by claiming ELOHIM TO BE THREE, the dogma of the Trinity is indeed blasphemous, for it alters the simple truth of the Scriptures.


When we read the expression..."GOD SAID", we are in fact reading..."GOD..(HE) SAID", and thus, if we are inclined to think of Elohim in the terms of "the plural of majesty", or "the mighty ones", then the term..."GOD (HE) SAID" would have to be read as.."GOD (THEY..the mighty ones) SAID", a term which cannot be vindicated from Scripture. If God is said to have done something or said something, either through an agent or an agent's writing, it is Jehovah who has spoken or who has done that thing. When we read in Genesis 18:1, that the "Lord" appeared unto Abraham, and spoke to him, we are well aware that in fact three angels appeared to Abraham, one of which was chief of the three. That one spoke to Abraham the words of the Father and was thus acting for the Father and thus, by Abraham, he would be called Lord. The Father spoke through this Elohim who was His agent in meeting with Abraham.


The Scriptures show that the LORD (Jehovah) who is to be manifested in a multitude, is presently both Father and God...(Elohim), to all who believe He is the Father, as the following passages of Scripture affirm;

Gen 26:24...... "I am the God (Elohim) of Abraham".

Gen 28:13......"I am the Lord (Jehovah) God (Elohim) of Abraham".

Gen 31:5........."The God (Elohim) of my (Jacob's) father".

Isaiah 64:8......."O LORD (Jehovah), thou art our Father (Ab)".

Mal 2:10........ "Have we not all one father (Ab)...hath not one God (El), created us?".

Psa 68:4-5......"Sing to God (Elohim)...His name is the LORD (Yah)...father (Ab) of the fatherless is God (Elohim), in His holy habitation".

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